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What has our government done for us lately?? The only people allowed to be involved in federal govt have to have a pedigree. Currently, presidential salary is $400,000...a common man wanted to run and was willing to do the job for $50,000/yr and put over $1 million back into the economy by himself. Being a country boy/redneck who wanted to lead by example, he would have challenged the other 1360 major players in the federal govt (all with salaries well over $100,000/ yr to do the same; after all, aren't those positions supposed to be "public servants"?

He planned on opening our oil reserves to lower gas prices until we could switch over to alternative fuels or electric vehicles AND get away from utility monopolies by converting to green energy resources nationally!

He planned on cutting off those businesses that took American jobs to foreign countries and bring those career jobs back to America so that when kids got their education they'd be ABLE to find jobs!!

He was going to boost monies into our social security to take better care of the elderly or disabled and find ways to help the homeless and generally neglected!!

He wanted to bring equality back to America and give Americans back their voice by setting up permanent polling stations so that THE PEOPLE rather than "representatives could speak - the special interest groups aren't padding OUR wallets!!

BUT>>>>>no news stations are interested in him because he has no "political pedigree" well, where have the pedigrees gotten us over the last few decades?? They are more concerned with themselves and the foreign countries than America! This is not about what they did to ME, this about what they are DOING to EVERYBODY!!! What kind of future do we or our children or their children have if we continue with politics as usual???

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You make no sense. You're an idi.ot and need to go drown yourself in your toilet.

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