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Last year my Ex opted into Wayne County FOC for support. They increased the monthly amount I was supposed to pay. I have been divorced almost 4 years and have NEVER been late with any child support payments.

The problem is the FOC took almost 90 days to enter the judgement into their system (which is in the same building). As a result, they ASSUMED that I didn't pay any support during the time period between the judgement and their entering into the computers. They now say I owe almost $3,000 in arrearages.

After waiting 30+ minutes to speak to a customer service rep she told me there was nothing I could except file ANOTHER form 4030 to request to be heard by a ref. She told me I had to file in person. When I told her I now live in Florida, she told me I should drive up to turn it in .

Are you kidding me?????

If they had any common sense or customer service skills, they would have called BOTH parties when they finally got around to entering the judgement and would have asked if I was all paid up, but they just keyed in the system and didn't bother to check for any updates.

Now they have contacted my employer to have automatic withholdings, and also informed me that they can hold my tax return because I owe so much money.

Every person I talk to and mention Detroit and FOC laughs at me. The whole country appears to be laughing at you Wayne County. Your roads and red tape do nothing but aggrevate the tax payers that are paying for this idiocracy.

After living in Michigan for over 16 years, I am glad I moved away from Detroit and want nothing to do with them anymore.

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my husband has a child in a previous relationship, that we won full custody of with visitation rights given to her. Since then she has been in jail for a DUI and before that multiple times for a few felonies.

It has come to our attention that she is back to drinking and possibly using crack cocaine again.

Wayne County doesn't take it seriously! We want supervised visits so that we don't have a death certificate of his son the next time we have a court date.


What I would do if I were you is contact an Atty. Because the same thing happened to my Brother. He almost went to jail. He had paid for years into the Wayne Co Foc. They did a computer upgrade and his file was lost/tossed and flagged as they said he was 20k+ in arrears. He went to the FOC with his proven bank statements and his payment book " with all his payments recorded"... they laughed at him. He had to get an Atty. He went to court 4 times. They almost in Jail because he got so Hot in the courtroom - Because no would take him for his word or his records. Came out that he was in the end 18.00 over paid.

Dude - just for the sake of saying. Don't ignore this.


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